For centuries communities have been affected by broken families and challenged, strained relationships.  The SBD (SINGLE BY DEFAULT) movement has been established as a bridge that helps individuals become empowered, equipped, and encouraged in building stronger, healthier relationships and values.  Societal norms have become diverse in this age and the original intent that God designed for the relationship has been skewed.  What is even more troubling is that there is no difference between relationships of Believers and non-believers when you evaluate the success ratios.

Singleness according to God's design no longer exists.  Many people, even before marriage, have had their share of challenges in relationships which makes it even more difficult for them to embrace the sanctity of covenant the way God intended.  The marriage covenant is therefore conveniently dysfunctional. These negative dynamics have challenged the sanctity of family.  Many individuals seeking wholeness from relational breaches are being held captive by negative ideals and the absence of effective ministry that births healing and restoration in relationships.  Single by Default’s mission is to bring wholeness, healing and restoration in the lives of those desiring healthy balanced relationships.

about the movement

about the visionary

LadiApostle Tami Robinson, the visionary of this movement, wears many hats; a leader, author, public speaker, mentor/coach, therapist and entrepreneur.  However, there is one hat that she has retired and that is the “failure in relationship” hat.  This movement was birthed from her desire to confront her own personal struggles in developing and maintaining a healthy relationship. As she sat down to journal about her own indiscretions, the book Single by Default: Discovering Wholeness After Single Mess-ups and Relationship Failure was birthed.  After releasing this book, it became painfully evident that so many like herself were struggling in the area of relationship.  The book forged SBD Conferences which, in turn, birthed a Movement; a community of people desiring answers, hope, healing and restoration. LadiApostle Tami is the pioneer of this movement and utilizes her experience, education and now victories to empower those who desire change.  LadiApostle Tami didn’t become an expert in relational issues from experiencing victories, but through challenges and failures she discovered fail-proof solutions. 


LadiApostle Tami is a graduate of Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Services/Christian Counseling, with a minor in Special Education & Autism, she has obtained her Master's in Social Administration (Masters in Social Work)  from Mandel School of Social Work/ Case Western Reserve University and is now a registered clinical social worker intern, pursuing her license as therapist/counselor.  Her interests include discovering solutions and strategies to combat dysfunctional generational family dynamics.  She plans to utilize her experience and education to continue to empower individuals, youth, women, couples and families who have relational challenges.